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Six West

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Six West is a land surveying company based in Belfast, providing a unique combination of geospatial services to cater for planners and architects throughout the UK.

The company name, Six West, was inspired by the geographic location of Belfast, latitude 54.5 degrees north, longitude 6 degrees west. The colour palette had been well established throughout the company, so we worked to find a new way to present and breathe new life into their brand identity.

Images of work
Images of work

Our Solution

We stripped back the graphical elements of their existing logo and stuck to clean and clear typography. We gave a simple nod to the origin of the name by using the symbol for ‘degrees’ on the end of the logoform and used the circle as a secondary branding element.

Alternating between black and white, as the main focus of the branding, helped to provide diversity and interest with the supporting orange used as a highlight. This informed the design and colour palette used in the website design which maintains a more light and airy feel.

Images of work
Images of work