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Hawthorne Consulting

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With decades of experience Hawthorne Consulting are building procurement and cost management specialists offering and delivering tailored strategies.

With clients like Ford, Pinset Masons and Allstate, Hawthorne Consulting is a well respected name in the architectural and chartered surveying industry. In spite of this they had never turned their attention to their web presence and how branding could support the quality and reputation of their work.

Looking to the future, they understood that in order to remain relevant and as a main contender, they needed a brand and website that reflected the good work for which they have become known.

Images of work
Images of work

Our Solution

To tie in with the architectural and construction industry, we wanted to form the brand so that it would be associated with that aesthetic. This design style would make it clean and minimalist which is appealing to architects.

As a branding package we produced a full stationery suite and portfolio site that was on brand. We also used animated elements and transitions on the website content to add that extra layer of professionalism and quality.

Images of work
Images of work