Cover Shape
Cover Shape

Foxes Rock

  • Logo Creation
  • Illustration
  • Label Design
  • Packaging
  • Print Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Art Direction



Foxes Rock is an area in the Cooley Mountains, located on the Cooley Peninsula in northeast County Louth in Ireland. Like much of Ireland, Foxes Rock is steeped in myth and the beer brand seeks to establish itself as one of the legends.

Foxes Rock has been a client since its creation. The work here is the most recent iteration of the brand design that is on the shelves in Tesco, Sainsbury, M&S, Asda and your local off-licence. The brand was created right at the beginning of the craft beer boom and sought to establish itself as a major player. As such the brand needed personality, impact and shelf presence.

Images of work
Images of work

Our Solution

Using a fox as part of the brand brought it character and an identifiable icon around which to build the brand. We wanted to further explore the personality of the fox and make the ‘cheeky fox’ the focus of the brand. Putting the fox at the forefront and using bold punchy colours as the product differentiators, helped us create a brand full of colour and personality that makes a big impact on supermarket shelves.

We also support our client on a regular basis with digital marketing design for social media campaigns and point of sale materials.

Images of work
Images of work