Cover Shape
Cover Shape

First Forensics

  • Identity Creation
  • Branding
  • Web Design / Development
  • Print Design



Setting the highest standard for digital forensics within law enforcement and the legal system, First Forensics reached out to us to achieve the full potential of their brand and help stand out in their field.

The challenge was to take what is a very technical and private service and create something that was unique and marketable.

Images of work
Images of work

Our Solution

Our aim was to develop a brand that was clean and professional, but was also tied into the core nature of their business. The concept that influenced the identity creation and website design was based around representing encryption or coding by partially obscuring the name and creating a symbol that looked like a shape based code.

The identity and icon is used in different forms throughout the identity, flowing through to the website design. Through various different user interactions, including turning the cursor into an x-ray tool, we helped to underpin the brand aesthetic through an engaging web design. The brand successfully flows between identity, branding, printed materials as well as website design.

Images of work
Images of work