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The British Medical Association in Northern Ireland operates a number of local medical committees to help and advise GPs.

The Nothern Ireland Local Medical Committees (NILMC) wanted to create a brand in keeping with their parent organisation and launch a new online resource for their members to obtain crucial advice and support.

Images of work
Images of work

Our Solution

The task was to create a brand that promoted unity amongst the committees as well as reflecting the caring and supportive ethos of the organisation. To do this we created a flower symbol with each of the petals representing the four committees in Northern Ireland and the centre of the flower representing the NILMC. The colour palette was chosen to be in keeping with the BMA brand colours with an accent of ‘medical’ green to differentiate it from the parent brand so it wasn’t a complete clone.

The second part of the project was to create a website that built on the brand and allowed the NILMC to communicate with its members and post their own content. It also allowed GPs to login and gain tailored advice and access to content that was restricted for members only.

Images of work
Images of work