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Why Does Colour Matter?

April 25, 2019

Ashleigh Hawthorne

Colour is the first thing our brain registers before words or shapes. If I suggested a purple chocolate bar, an orange plastic bag or even a red-soled shoe I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for your brain to instantly make the jump to the associated brands Cadbury’s Sainsbury’s and Christian Louboutin. For most leading brands colour can be the key in mass recognition and thus become the most important element of their marketing campaigns.

Cadburys believe their companies shade of purple, Pantone 2685C to be exact, is of such a key importance to their identity that they again made an appeal to trademark the specific shade in 2018 after decades of attempts. This particular purple has been associated with the brand since 1905 and has definitely played a fundamental role in making this chocolate bar a crowd favourite, lasting the decades and even becoming a prized commodity across the Atlantic.

It is a well-known fact that 90% of people decide whether or not they like a product within the first 90 seconds or less of exposure to it. Furthermore, 90% of this decision is based solely on the colour of the product. Therefore it can be deduced that colour is the secret ingredient when it comes to producing a good identity.

Colour is a cultural perception and the science behind how colour psychology effects audience members Is pretty cool. But why should you care? Let’s take the colour red, for example, used to convey excitement and passion It can be a very aggressive and proactive colour. It works for Coca Cola, promoting a fizzy caffeinated drink but slapped on the marketing material for a new sleep app, it would express the wrong social signals and wouldn’t enhance the effectiveness of the branding. Instead, we naturally would crave soothing muted colours to help us slip into a deep sleep. Getting the colour wrong could fundamentally confuse customers of the business objectives, squee recognition and mislay the function of the product.

Colour is a great tool, it is not to be underestimated or overlooked and deserves its own special mention, so I decided to write a whole blog post praising it. We use it to outline a brand’s personality and is, therefore, a key component we consider when building your brand’s identity for the desired results. Nothing will set your business up for success like a good carefully thought out colour palette, and we are your experts.