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So... what's with the new name?

April 30, 2019

Mike Hesketh

For 10 years, we built a studio under the name We Are Duo. In that time it grew from a computer on a dining room table to a 1000sqft studio on the outskirts of Belfast. We have learnt how to understand our clients and deliver an effective solution to their problem. We learnt what it is to be a graphic design and web development studio. We also made mistakes and we have learnt from those too.

In essence, We Are Duo, has been the learning process which shaped our journey to where it is today. I'm personally grateful for everything it has taught me about design, business and myself. This not to say that I know think I have learnt everything there is to know about those three things, but as we enter our 10th year it felt clear that we're a long way from where we started and now is the time to put a confident and coherent step forward.

We have learnt what makes each business unique and how to translate that into a visual medium. By growing together as a collaboration of graphic designers and web developers we have given a voice to start-ups, strengthened brands, increased sales, delivered our clients to a global market and supported business development.

As we approach our 10th birthday in 2019 we have reflected on our journey to ask who we are now, what have we learnt, what we have to provide to our clients and how our studio will define itself for the future.

To best articulate our steps forward and redefine ourselves we have chosen to rebrand and relaunch with a name than embodies our values, our collaborative spirit and our creative process.

Mindset is a graphic design and web development studio that has found its confidence. We know the importance of forming the correct visual narrative of businesses and the impact of the correct aesthetic language used to develop brands. We understand how to identify the challenges faced by a business and how to use our skills to craft solutions, improve visual communication and speak to target audiences.

Although we have decided to make a new mark for ourselves, our new name still represents a graphic design and web development studio committed to quality, collaboration, support, understanding, respect and all the core values that made We Are Duo into a successful studio that our clients continue to trust.

It is our hope that you will join us in our new journey and that the Mindset studio can work together to develop your business, define your brand, underpin your values and equip you with confidence implemented through effective and engaging visual communication.

We would like to extend an open invitation to host you at our studio in Suite 2, The Old Throne Hospital, 244 Whitewell Road, Belfast, BT36 7EN at your convenience, where we can learn about the challenges you face, what you want to achieve and discuss what Mindset can do for your business or brand.