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Our new web setup

June 27, 2019

Gareth Donaldson

We are always looking for ways to improve our services, that means always never stopping looking for the best products we use. So for the Mindset website have changed everything from the old We Are Duo website.

Starting with the server, we used to use a shared hosting platform, this used to be fine, but now web performance is getting increasingly important especially in trying to impress Google..gotta get high up on their ranks. We decided to move to a flexible Linux-based virtual machine. Why? means we no longer have to share our resources with any website. One server for one website. This has lead to increasing the overall performance and responsiveness of the website.

Our go-to CMS has been Craft CMS for the past few years and it was / still is one of the best out there, its increase in popularity is a testament to that sole fact. However we have been starting to build a few custom websites using Laravel and we always run into an issue, the client needs to update their own content. This is were Statamic comes into the picture, it been built on Laravel, however, Statamic V3 is coming out soon as a Laravel package. Why is this important? We can easily put it in with our custom built web app and users get a lovely experience editing there content while we get to work with Laravel and Statamic's lovely code. Win Win.

When it came to styling websites we used to use SASS and compiled that down to CSS and conformed to the BEM methodology. However, we noticed started to see some duplicate code cropping up, which isn't the best as it all adds more weight to the website which in turn slows the website down. So we looked at using a utility-first CSS framework called Tailwind. It has sped up developments times, and our CSS is a lot more maintainable and concise. Another fact about Tailwind is that the Pizza Hut (UK) website is using it and who doesn't love pizza?

We store all the websites images on Amazon S3, the code on GitHub. When the website gets updated it sends those updates back to GitHub. So if anything were to happen to the website or server we wouldn't lose anything along with doing weekly backups on the server. Hopefully, this never happens but it is always smart to have backups and in this case backups of the backups.

I will be going into more depth over the next few months of this setup as this is only a very brief overview. If you would like to see what we can do for your website please feel free to drop me an email :)

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