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Our Studio

For the past decade, we have worked with our clients on national and international platforms to help them achieve their maximum business potential with the help of effective and considered design. We make your goals, our goals. We implement all the skills at our disposal, across web and graphic design disciplines, allowing our studio to provide you with a holistic design service.

We are a team that will listen to your vision, your challenges and your hopes for your business. We understand the importance of your investment in graphic design and web design and we ensure we treat it with the respect it deserves. We want to ensure you spend your money well, once and purposefully. We are committed to providing quality design solutions that clearly communicate your message direct to your client base.

We're ready to meet with you, understand you and create with you.

Zack making a website.

Our Ethos

We believe that a positive and collaborative work environment encourages us to be our best. This extends beyond just being creative and is inherently linked with being mindful of our physical and mental health. Just as part of our name is built upon the collaborative spirit within a creative environment, so it is also built upon promoting positive mental health. We don't believe in the 'cogs in a machine' mentality. We want to provide design that matters, that brings about real change and that positively impacts the world around us. To achieve this goal we look inwards, at ourselves, always working to cultivate a positive mindset.

We aim to work together on a multitude of layers, supporting each other, our clients and our own creativity.

Team meeting.

Our Team

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"Not only does the studio look good but Mindset's eye for design is admirable. Great service and a cuppa on arrival. The team were great to work with and were quick to accommodate my business design needs. Can't wait to work with Mindset again in the future."

Andrew GambleCompany DirectorARG Marketing