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Let’s Get Acquainted

If you’re looking to work with a team that works hard for our clients because we want to see them succeed – then you’re in the right place.

For the past 10 years our studio has worked together to help businesses grow by providing new identities, develop their brands, create engaging web experiences and launch new online businesses.

Mindset is more than just a studio – we’re friends, we’re family, we’ve shared in each others highs and lows, we’ve listened together, we’ve learnt together, we’ve grown together. We are different ages, genders and religions, but we are one Mindset.

We work with startups, small businesses, midsize enterprises and large organisations with different budgets and needs and from a range of sectors.

What We Do

Design and development that are produced independently of each other fail to serve your brand as effectively as they could. We exist to ensure coherence between your identity, your brand and your website.


We put ourselves in the position of your customers and try to imagine how to create the correct perception of your business as seen through their eyes. By using the right colours, typography, layout, imagery and graphic elements we create a brand aesthetic that will uplift and provide context to your logo. It’s the quality of this brand aesthetic that will dictate how your business is perceived and evaluated, helping to lay the foundation for legitimacy and building confidence with your customers.

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Web Design

A good website should engage and inform as well as being consistent with your overall brand aesthetic and serve to underpin your company’s goals and ethos. Your website operates as your digital shop front and an employee that is serving your customers and representing your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your business can and will be judged, both consciously and subconsciously, against your competitors based on the strength of your web presence.

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Being able to sell your products online has become an inescapable part of the consumer expectation. We have been actively helping businesses from all backgrounds explore different options to fit their business. We can help you easily sell, manage, ship, track and grow your products and customers online. With an e-commerce platform, that is powerful and easy to use, we can offer your business many future expansion opportunities.

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Digital Marketing

We always provide a strong foundation in SEO and Google Analytics with every website we build. Selling your products, services or business online goes hand in hand with marketing online. Our studio has the necessary design and development skills to capitalise on the potential of digital marketing and make both visual and technical modifications as necessary to benefit fully from all it has to offer.

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Our Team

We believe that a positive and collaborative work environment encourages us to be our best. This extends beyond just being creative and is inherently linked with being mindful of our physical and mental health. We look inwards, at ourselves, always working to cultivate a positive .

  • Mike Hesketh

    Mike Hesketh

    Partner Director


  • Gareth Donaldson

    Gareth Donaldson



  • Zack Reid

    Zack Reid

    Web Developer


  • Danielle Keys

    Danielle Keys

    Graphic Designer